Prince Harry Might Be Finally Looking for His Princess -- Can We Apply?

He's finally decided to tame his wild ways! According to an insider, Prince Harry is ready to settle down and find the love of his life. Maybe it's because he's watched his big brother Prince William adapt so happily to married and family life?


Whatever the reason, a source close to the royals told Us Weekly that Harry "is fed up with the single life ... He's ready for love!" It seems as though at 31, he's become "serious about settling down." The insider continued, "He's single, but he's putting himself out there to find someone."

One question: Where can we apply?

For reals, though, he's already got a couple of potentials in the UK. The source claimed that "he's enjoying getting to know" two separate women, although nothing is official. Despite that, it seems as though Harry is not "just messing around" this time.

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Of course this is quite a departure from his usual ladies'-man ways. Just earlier this month, he was caught on camera getting chummy with Hollywood starlet Margot Robbie, and last New Year's Eve, he was linked with former Dior PR assistant Juliette Labelle. 

But still -- we hope that the rumors are true, and Prince Harry is really looking for The One. Maybe we're totally sentimental, but wouldn't it be cool for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to have some little cousins to play with in the next few years?


Image via © FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA/epa/Corbis

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