Rob Kardashian Is Smiley & Slim in Sweet New Snapchat With Blac Chyna (PHOTO)

rob kardashian

He's in love and doesn't care who knows it! It's safe to say that after keeping the lowest of profiles for a year, Rob Kardashian is officially back. The former reality star recently showed his full face -- not a portion of it, like usual -- in a Snapchat with girlfriend Blac Chyna, and he looks fantastic. Rob and Chyna are seen kissing in the video, as Rob shows off a big smile and newly slimmed-down bod. 


Despite the fact that his family isn't a fan of their relationship for various reasons, clearly Blac Chyna is having a good effect on Rob. Apparently, she was just the kick in the pants that he needed. 

Here, check out the new and improved Rob:

Here's another shot:

He looks great, right? There's no way his family isn't somewhat happy to see him this way -- even if they aren't a fan of his girlfriend. 

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Rob's family -- Khloe in particular -- has been trying to help him out for the past year or so, but nothing seemed to have an effect. From offering to help him work out to giving him a place to stay, his sister did everything for him. Sadly, though, sometimes it takes an outsider to get through to a person -- someone who isn't so close to the issue. Clearly, that's what's happened with Rob. 

Hopefully the Kardashian-Jenner crew will figure out a way to move past their issues with Blac Chyna and simply be happy that Rob is doing so well these days. It definitely won't be easy, but the alternative is even worse. 

Good luck, guys. 


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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