Scott Disick Hangs Out With Mystery Blonde, Clearly Isn't Thinking About Kourtney

scott disick

So close, yet so far away. Despite the fact that it seemed like he was getting his ish together and possibly on his way to winning Kourtney Kardashian back, Scott Disick appears to be spiraling out of control again. Scott was spotted with a mystery blonde at NYC hot spot Up & Down, and from the looks of things, the two weren't simply out for a quiet meal. Scott looked like a hot mess, and, sadly, appears to be on a bender. 


According to onlookers, The Lord was seen whispering into the girl's ear all night and the pair seemed "flirty." Ironically, Kylie Jenner also happened to be at the club, but apparently she was being blocked by security guards so Scott could have some privacy. 

Here's Disick looking a little worse for wear and the mystery woman:

If he was hoping to win Kourtney back, this pretty much sealed the deal that she won't take him back. Hopefully.  

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While it's really sad to see someone so out of control and who desperately needs help, Scott really doesn't seem to be making much of an effort these days. Not only is he constantly seen out partying, but he's also constantly seen with people who aren't a positive influence (Chris Brown).

If Scott and Kourtney are officially over, of course he has every right to date other people. But from the looks of things, Scott's not "responsibly" starting a relationship with anyone. He seems to more be partying until all hours of the night with random people, and that can't be good. 

Hopefully one of these days something will click and Scott will get his life together. But until then, let's hope Kourtney stays far, far away. If there's one thing she doesn't need in her life right now, it's this. 


Image via Splash News

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