Kanye West Unleashes More Fury on Taylor Swift in Expletive-Filled 'SNL' Audio


kanye westKanye West is making it very challenging for people to like him. A not-so-nice mini tirade of Kanye's was leaked, and in the audio you can hear West referring to Taylor Swift a "fake ass" during a rant he had backstage at Saturday Night Live.


Apparently, Kanye was a bit annoyed with some changes about his stage design just before he was set to perform live on SNL. Okay. Understood. A performer has a set way to do things, and it could certainly affect his performance if things weren't as he expected them to be. But I'm not quite sure what Taylor Swift has to do with any of this. Is this just a joke of his? Does he just blurt her name out when he wants to make a point of some kind? If you give this a listen, prepare for a whole lot of potty mouth.

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I think we all know that Taylor Swift isn't a "fake ass," nor does she have a "fake ass." No matter what he may say, I'm fairly certain Kanye knows this, too. Maybe he just doesn't like her, though I really thought they were all cool after that hug and stuff at the Grammys last year. This year's Grammys, though, were a totally different story.

Turmoil has been brewing between Kanye and Taylor -- well, it's all because of Kanye. He wrote a song where he says, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous." Say what? We know that is never happening and Kanye had nothing to do with Taylor's fame. Love her or hate her, this is fact. Now we got bad blood when it used to be mad love (even if just for a second).

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And so, when Tay won a Grammy on Monday, she had her moment and had an incredibly powerful acceptance speech where she said there will always be the people who try to "undercut your success" or "take credit for your accomplishments or your fame" but to pay no mind to that. It was awesome. Naturally, many thought she meant Kanye. Be strong -- like Taylor, who is handling this whole nonsense with a lot of class.

With this audio being released, Kanye just seems like such a hater. And haters gonna hate. Where's Kim when we need her? Maybe we should prepare for another Twitter-pology like the one Kanye made after he brought Amber Rose's child into the argument he was having with Wiz Khalifa. Come on, Kanye. Keep the kids, and Taylor, out of it.


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