Kanye West Was Livid With Kylie Jenner for Signing With Puma

kanye west

Talk about awkward. Recently, it was revealed that Kylie Jenner signed with Puma. Of course, if Kanye West weren't her brother-in-law, this wouldn't be a bid deal. In fact, it would be great news! But, the fact that Kanye is her brother-in-law, and he has an association with Adidas -- Puma's competition -- makes for a bit of an issue. 


Before news broke about Kylie being the new face of Puma, Kanye tweeted that Kylie was "1000% not signing" with the company because she's family. But, oops. From the sound of things, Kylie had already signed with them. 

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Kanye stopped and talked to TMZ on Wednesday about his sis-in-law, and he admit that at first, he was pissed, but now he's "really happy for her." He also said that Adidas was the only company willing to help his fashion line out when he needed it, so yeah. It was a little awkward at first.

Of course, since news broke that Kylie was endorsing Puma, headlines everywhere having been saying how pissed Kanye is -- which, yes, it sounds like he was. But it certainly seems like he's over it and has moved on.

Clearly, the dude has bigger things to worry about. And hey, congrats, Kylie. 

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