Kourtney Kardashian's Tiny Little Body Blows Us Away Once Again (PHOTOS)

kourtney kardashian

Someone's in killer shape! Kourtney Kardashian posted a gym selfie on Wednesday, and holy moly is she in peak physical condition right now! Apparently her trainer was gone for 10 days, leaving her to fend for her fitness herself. But now he's back and almost made her "throw up." Which, apparently, Kourt "loves." Cool. 


Here's Kourt's post-workout selfie, where she's, naturally, clad in black leggings and a black sports bra. Wouldn't we all be wearing this if we looked this way?

Don has been gone for 10 days but he is back! He almost made me throw up...love those kind of workouts.

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Kourtney looks incredible -- so strong! And, understandably, she's loving the way she looks. Here's another shot:

I needed this.

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Hot mama!

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Since her breakup with Scott Disick, Kourt's been going hard at the gym. She's said on numerous occasions that it helps her with anxiety, so it's very much a mental thing, as well as a physical one. 

Glad to see Kourtney is so happy with all the -- mental and physical -- progress she's made over the past few months. Who knows what will happen with her and Scott, but no doubt she'll continue her fitness journey. 

Because when you look that good, how could you not? Hot damn. 


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