Kate Middleton Officially Adds Blogging to Her List of Many Talents

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Kate Middleton had her blogging debut today introducing a series called "Young Minds Matter" for the Huffington Post. The Duchess of Cambridge's goal is to put the focus on children being emotionally and mentally healthy, and she's using her writing talents and reach to make it happen.


Kate's blog post was beautifully written and quite personal. She detailed her findings about children from her work with charities as well as from being a mother herself. Her charity work led her to discover the link between unresolved issues that stem from childhood and addictions as an adult, as well as unhealthy patterns of behavior. The title of her first posting is "Let's Make a Real Difference for an Entire Generation of Young Children" and her words are inspiring -- the whole series' goal is poised to truly make a difference. Having Kate as a blogger, and adding her voice to editorials that can be widely read, is a gift. We all want to read her words, and they can make a difference in issues that matter.

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Kate's goal is giving kids the confidence to ask for help as well as giving adults and parents the confidence to seek help for the children who need it. She noted that there are kids, some even younger than 5, who "have to deal with complex problems without the emotional resilience, language or confidence to ask for help" and that's where we need change.

She encourages dialogue between parents and children, and giving our children that voice and the courage to talk about what is going on in their lives and to express their feelings -- and for us to hear them and help them when help is needed.

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There are several articles forthcoming in this series to inspire and teach us and help positive change happen. The articles are written by people who have been through difficult situations and found ways to overcome.

Kate's use of words and voice in her post is so friendly and approachable, it's like you are listening to a friend. She certainly has a way about her, and even in her soft and caring tone, there is a great power to really make a difference.



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