Kim Kardashian Is Just as Fed Up With Kanye's Twitter Rants as the Rest of Us

Much like the rest of society, Kim Kardashian is reportedly fed up with Kanye West's Twitter rants, which have really experienced an uptick in recent weeks. While she may not speak up much about her hubby's ridiculous social media behavior, insiders say Kim is totally bent out of shape over it.


According to People, Kim is okay with Kanye's song lyrics about Taylor Swift (which, being that she is a woman, is kind of surprising) -- but it was his rant against Wiz Kalifa and ex Amber Rose that included an inappropriate remark about their child that had the reality star fuming. In fact, it forced Kim to make amends with Amber herself.

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We can see why Kim might stay mum about Kanye's music, but the fact that she's having to clean up the mess he's leaving behind with the Twitter feuds is unreal. At some point, Kanye needs to grow up and realize that the words he puts out in the world not only represent him, but also his family as well. And it's not okay. There are repercussions, even for someone who refers to himself as Yeezus.

Kim is showing a lot of restraint as she continues to support her husband, and she obviously sees a side of him that we don't (or just really enjoys off-the-wall, random acts of outspokenness), but hopefully she'll put her foot down when she feels it's necessary.


Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

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