Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation for Carving Her Name into Precious National Park Rocks

Whoops. Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend are in hot water after a Valentine's Day vacation to Sedona, and are even possibly facing jail time. The lovebirds reportedly carved their names in some of the beautiful rocks in the area, which is a big no-no, according to authorities.


Austin Butler and Vanessa posted a photo of the defacement to Instagram on Sunday. (The couple shared several other snaps of their getaway as well, and tagged them with #sedonadreams.) The infamous picture in question showed a heart carved into the red rock, with "Austin + Vanessa" written inside.

The only problem is that defacing rocks in the Coconino National Forest is illegal. Of course there's a chance that Vanessa and Austin randomly stumbled up the carving that just happened to have their names in it ... but come on. That's pretty hard to fathom.

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Hudgens later deleted the post, but you know the Internet -- things live forever.

The park's spokesman, Brady Smith, said that authorities are investigating the matter and searching for the heart. There's no word yet on if they found it within the 250 square miles of the Red Rock Ranger District.

Smith also said that he doesn't believe there were any signs posted warning visitors not to deface the natural beauty of the scenery. Even so, the offense is punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum $5,000 fine. "People make mistakes whether knowingly or unknowingly," Smith said in a statement.

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In other words, that might be one hell of an expensive little declaration of love. Hudgens hasn't spoken about it publicly, but I think she'd be best off apologizing for the dumb mistake, paying the fine, and moving forward. And next time, maybe she and Austin should stick to Hallmark cards.


Images via AXELLE WOUSSEN/ News & Instagram

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