Jill & Jessa Duggar Are Featured on an Adult Fetish Website

It's another Duggar scandal involving pornography! Only this time it isn't disgraced son Josh Duggar frequenting adult websites; instead, it concerns two of his sisters. Jill Dillard and her sister Jessa Seewald are featured on a foot fetish website -- and it doesn't look like there's anything they can do about it.


Okay, so it's not technically porn, but it is a fetish site. About feet. Apparently the Duggar sisters have exceptionally beautiful feet, which is honestly nothing I've ever thought to devote much time thinking about. In fact, I've spent more time in the past 10 minutes analyzing reality star feet than I have in the entirety of my career writing about reality stars.

And I'm a person who doesn't like feet. I did for all of you, because I'm nothing if not devoted to my craft.

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Anyway, the 19 Kids and Counting alums are featured on a site called Wikifeet, with plenty of pics of their piggies captured from their own social media accounts. Geez, last week Jill was pregnant again for posting a photo of her toes, and now she's a porn star. Whoever thought so many assumptions could be made over having feet?

While the pics are pretty benign (hi, they're feet), some of the comments are pretty racy. Plus the site has links to other more nefarious, NSFW places on the Internet. It's not exactly a site that I bet the Duggars are proud to be a part of.

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One fan of Jill's feet wrote, "Her feet and toes are beautiful, everything is in proper proportion." Another wrote about Jessa's feet, "Gorgeous feet. Sublime harmony of the toes. I loved it, perfect!"

Sublime. Harmony. Of. The. Toes. This is the sort of stuff we couldn't make up if we tried.


Image via TLC

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