Kanye West Is More Cray Than Ever & I'm Worried

Kanye West just released a new CD and recently showcased his fashion collection at Madison Square Garden. He has also been in the news recently for erratic behavior and a seemingly endless barrage of Twitter comments, each as bizarre as the last 140-character update. 


I know worrying about a celebrity is odd. I get that Kanye is amazingly talented, wealthy, married to one of the richest and most beautiful women in the world, and the father to two extremely privileged children. But I worry that his behaviour is masking some sort of deeper issue that the gawking public isn't privy to, and that all this rubbernecking about his recent actions could lead up to some Kanye-sized breakdown. And I, for one, don't wanna see that happen. 

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Recently an audio tape from Kanye backstage on SNL surfaced, in which he can only be described as having a tantrum: 

I love Kanye. I love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. When The College Dropout first dropped, I was floored. Here was this kid from Chicago, nothing but a few producing accolades under his belt, rapping about materialism and institutional prejudice and family and religion. Throughout the years, he has only gotten better. He's a cultural juggernaut, hugely talented with the ego to match.

I get that this white woman worrying about this mega-celebrity is weird, but that's what we fans do when our heroes start acting all erratic and tweeting stuff like: 


And even Kanye's former cowriter is concerned about him: 

 Clutch summed up how I feel about Kanye's mental health

But whenever I catch something on Kanye’s timeline these days, I don’t see the same egomaniac, as I reduced him to, who snatched awards out of people’s hands or b-tched and moaned when he wasn’t chosen for a particular accolade. I literally see a man who is out of his mind, in the most clinical sense of the expression 

It concerns me, as a human and a fan. I'm not trying to concern-troll here, but I don't want to see Kanye fail. I don't want to see Kanye succumb to some Britney-esque breakdown. As laughable and as obnoxious as some of his behavior has been throughout the years, I still admire Kanye; I think he's talented and creative, and I want him to stick around a lot longer. 

For all any of us know, this is just Kanye being Kanye. It could, this strange behavior, be a publicity stunt to keep him in the press for The Life of Pablo. But if it's not? If he's really struggling and needs help? I truthfully hope he gets it. 


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