Prince George Is One Very Smart Little Royal Cookie

We always knew he was among the cutest little royals we've ever seen, but apparently Prince George is a very clever little guy. In fact, the little prince is extremely well-spoken for his age.


In an interview with Hello! magazine, actress Sophie Winkleman, whose daughter has enjoyed a playdate with George, says the young royal was speaking much earlier than other kids his age.

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With such a knack for vocabulary, Prince George is probably thrilled to be in school at Westacre Montessori, where he can chat up other children and teachers. Why do we have a feeling a conversation with this kid would be all kinds of fascinating? He strikes us as the type to have a very entertaining imagination. Or maybe that's just because he always has that adorable look of mischief on his face.

Another interesting tidbit, which probably won't come as a shock at all, is that the Montessori schools in the area in which Prince George attends have been swamped with calls from parents asking if there's space for their kiddos. Prince William did meet Kate at university, so perhaps there's a little princess-to-be just about to walk through those nursery school doors for George.


Image via Splash News

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