Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Don't Even Share a Checking Account

More money, more problems? Maybe that's why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't combine their bank accounts. Despite the fact that they're two years into their marriage and have two children, the famous couple reportedly keeps their finances very, very separate. 


According to Hollywood Life, Kanye even makes references about their financial situation in terms of "my money" and "her money." Honestly, this doesn't seem all that shocking to us. Kim and Kanye were both well established in their careers and fortunes when they met, so why combine finances and make things sticky? A lot of regular couples choose to keep their bank accounts separate simply for convenience, or because that's what works for them.

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Given that Kanye recently got candid about being over $50 million in debt (and we're not really sure why he shared that info), it's probably for the best that they keep things nice and separate! Although we do have to believe there is an iron-clad prenup in place for these two. Neither one seems like the type who wants anyone messing with their money.

Interestingly, the site also pointed out that Kim is the clear breadwinner in their household, bringing in a whopping $53 million in 2015 to put her on Forbes's top 100 highest-paid celebrities list (Kanye didn't make the cut at all).

Of course, if they did combine their finances, that would mean Kim made just enough last year to cover all of Kanye's alleged debt. Food for thought, Kanye.


Image via Jackson Lee/Brian/Splash News

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