Kate Middleton Faces More Baby Bump Speculation

kate middletonSince the rumors are persistent, perhaps we should take another look at what some are saying about Kate Middleton being pregnant. Prince George is in preschool now, and Princess Charlotte is 9 months old. Is that really a baby bump Kate is supposedly hiding?


I think not. The Duchess of Cambridge is facing what far too many women face -- that question of if and when she will have another baby. The pressure! You know what doesn't help with getting pregnant? Pressure. Stress isn't good for those trying to conceive.

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Besides, what exactly is a baby bump anyway?

When I wear my puffer coat, it looks like I'm hiding a baby bump. I'm not. If I've eaten a big meal it could look like a baby bump. I'm not pregnant -- I just ate a cheeseburger with a whole lot of french fries. Why are we all so obsessed with flat bellies, thinking that is the only way there is no baby in there? Our bodies are all different shapes and sizes, including our stomach area.

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Why do we care if Kate is pregnant?

Okay, that last question is silly. We care. This woman births princes and princesses -- that's why we care. But let's ease up this pressure on Kate. If it is a baby bump, she will tell us. If she wants to have a baby, we shouldn't stress her out thinking it's a baby bump every time she's spotted with something someone thinks is a baby bump. When she's reportedly throwing up and canceling appearances, that's when we really need to speculate. Kate has a track record of morning sickness in the first trimester, and that's a much more telltale sign than any "bump."


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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