Kanye West Claims He's $53 Million in Debt in Latest Bizarre Tweet

kanye west, kim kardashianMo money, mo problems? Kanye West has been making plenty of headlines with his tweets this week (most of them having to do with his questionable Taylor Swift lyric), but his latest eyebrow-raising post has nothing to do with Bill Cosby's "innocence," his new album The Life of Pablo, or even the Yeezy Season 3 debut. Nope, Kanye announced last night that he's $53 million in debt -- um, what?!


Kanye was apparently tweeting while waiting to perform on Saturday Night Live, and his last message in the series definitely took a turn for the unexpected:

For real, dude? Wouldn't selling, like, five pairs of Yeezy Boosts pretty much take care of that? Not surprisingly for a sad sack post about debt from someone whose net worth is estimated to be approximately $145 million, reactions were (rather hilariously) skeptical:

GoFundYe, HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, though, does Kanye honestly believe this tweet is going to get him any sympathy from anybody? Look, I don't claim to have any insider info on Kanye West's finances, but I have seen pictures of his house, and his toddler daughter's closet is nicer than a lot of hardworking people's entire apartments. So, while I will concede that it's possible Kanye has "debt," he's still living the high life and likely will for the rest of his days, whereas most of his fans can't even afford to buy a pair of his shoes. These are people who are far too busy praying they'll be able to pay their rent on time (or at all) to pray that a rich and famous rapper will "overcome." 

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Honestly, I don't hate Kanye West (he sort of cracks me up most of the time in a weird way) and I certainly don't wish him any ill will. But this latest tone-deaf tweet is, well, so tone-deaf. Come. On! Times are legitimately rough for so many people right now. Show some respect for fans who might truly be struggling to make ends meet, man. Especially if you so desperately need them to buy your album!


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