Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Spend Valentine's Day Together (for the Kids)

jennifer garner ben affleckProving once again that they are the friendliest exes around, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are spending Valentine's Day together ... in Montana. It's a whole weekend excursion, but it's just for the kids, of course. Wait. Since when is Valentine's Day a kid-important holiday?


Well, once there are kids involved, even Valentine's Day is about the little ones. And let's also remember that it's a long weekend for children in school due to Presidents' Day. And so Ben and Jen and their kids went skiing in Big Sky, and we can't say for sure if the word "Valentine" was ever spoken.

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Still, how does this work, exactly? Do they sleep in the same bed just because? Do they rent a huge house with a ton of rooms and Ben just falls asleep on the couch after they all have hot chocolate and watch a movie together? Are there any feelings of love that creep in when they see the other one interact with their daughters? There has to be!

But chances are that love isn't of the romantic kind. Maybe the passionate hearts they once had for each other are gone, never to return. Now it's just admiration as a parent and the hope they can make sure their kids know that they all love each other as a family, but that Mom and Dad just aren't together anymore. 

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It's certainly not easy. But I commend them for trying and putting it all aside for their kids. They don't have to make their marriage work to do that -- they just have to be great parents and good to each other, showing the kids love. Two people don't need to live under the same roof to do that. And so, yes, this Valentine's Day Ben and Jen are together for the kids. And that's true love.


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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