Blac Chyna's Mom Thinks Rob Kardashian Is a Bad Influence

blac chynaDespite the fact that Blac Chyna was recently arrested, mom Shalana Hunter is worried that Rob Kardashian is a bad influence on her daughter. Mom knows best, right? Perhaps we need to delve into this some more.


It's clear Chyna's mom is concerned about her daughter because she used an expletive when talking about her romance with Rob. Her words were "He's a f*#$ing Kardashian." Understandable. He certainly is. And there is a certain stigma that comes with having that name. But I have a feeling that if mom gets to know the family, her thoughts may change. Fans of the family K know they are fiercely loyal and would do anything for those they love. So if Chyna and Rob are going to be all "true love always," that means she's in, as is her child with Tyga (who is now dating Rob's little sister Kylie Jenner). 

Hey, weirder things have happened.

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This is all about love. If there is love, none of that other stuff matters. Still, being a protective mom, Hunter is a little concerned about Rob because she hasn't met him yet. She did say that maybe when she meets him she will feel better about the whole thing. So what the heck are these two waiting for? I wonder if she blames Rob somehow for Chyna's recent arrest? Noooo! Things happen. Who hasn't gotten a little tipsy at the airport?!

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Rob and Chyna have already declared their love for each other on Instagram in true bae style, so it's about time mom meets Rob, and all her fears about the Kardashians will melt away. Meanwhile, Rob's friends have reported that she is one of the best things to happen to him in a long time.


Image via LA Photo Lab/Splash News

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