Supposedly Sober Scott Disick Caught Partying With a Beer in Hand

scott disickNo, Scott Disick, no! For the past few months, it really seemed as if Kourtney Kardashian's ex (and the father of her three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign) had changed his hard-partying ways, even completing a stint in rehab. But this week, pics have surfaced of Scott out on the town with a beer in hand -- and rumor has it that the beer was just one of many drinks.


Scott was spotted getting his groove (and drank) on at NYC's Up&Down club on Tuesday, where he watched Fetty Wap perform and then allegedly spent the rest of the evening boozing it up at Wap's table. And that's not all: According to TMZ, the good times reportedly kept on a-rolling on Thursday night when Scott went clubbing yet again, this time with a bunch of models. 

Obviously, this could potentially be very bad news for Scott's relationship with Kourt, which has appeared so amicable lately that fans have wondered if maybe a reconciliation might be in the works (though, to be fair, fans are always wondering that). After all, Kourtney only agreed to let Scott start seeing the kids again on the condition that he stay sober, and that's clearly not happening. 

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But what about all the tears and remorse Scott displayed on a recent episode of KUWTK over his bad behavior and the damage he's done to his family? Old habits are hard to break, of course, and addiction is no joke, but it's still worrisome to see him off the wagon again so soon. And some "sources" say it's a lot worse than a few beers: According to one rumor, in a Lamar Odom-esque twist, Scott was found unresponsive in his bed on January 31 after an epic bender involving cocaine, vodka, beer, and Viagra.

Of course, that particular rumor might be just that -- a rumor -- but it's gonna be pretty tough for Scott to explain those beer-in-hand photos, which certainly seem like proof that he's not just "drinking water" when he goes out, as he's been insisting. Hey, maybe Scott pulled himself together in rehab enough to be able to handle a few beers ... but maybe not. Time will certainly tell!


Image via BlayzenPhotos/Splash News

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