Gwen Stefani Explains Hilarious Pic of Blake Shelton Checking Out Her Booty (PHOTO)

gwen stefani, blake sheltonThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a recent snap of Blake Shelton seemingly checking out girlfriend Gwen Stefani's booty definitely has people talking! But 46-year-old Stefani says the real story behind the picture is a lot less sexy than people might think -- in fact, it's something any busy mom can relate to!


As Stefani explained it to radio host Ryan Seacrest, she and Shelton were dropping her kids (Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 23 months) off at a Los Angeles park for a playdate when the photo was taken. And, to be fair, this definitely does look like a picture of a man sizing up his lady's, er, assets:

gwen stefani blake shelton

I mean, come on -- the look on his face?! How YOU doin'?? Except Stefani insists that Shelton's expression is actually one of bemusement:

"Try to picture being a mom and going to a football game on the weekend with your kids and being surrounded by 30 cameras," she said.

"I was literally going across the field, like trying to stroll [and] get into the car and [was] being completely swarmed. [I was] doing it as fast as I could and I literally opened the back of the truck and all the groceries fell out … and, like, I am trying to rush because everybody's watching me … and all the other parents are getting mad ... So I'm like, trying to open my door and like, not one, but two basketballs and a football fell out ... So he was looking at the balls."

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OH, okay. He was looking at the balls, of course! Actually, I totally believe her. This definitely sounds like the case of a pretty standard parenting moment caught on camera (well, pretty standard except for the swarmed-by-paparazzi part). And I think it's super sweet that Shelton is stepping it up and playing the part of carpool dad already even though he and Stefani haven't been together all that long -- the way to a single mom's heart is through her kids, that's for sure!


Image via Mike/Splash News

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