16 Sweet Things Kate Middleton Has Said About Prince William & the Royals

Meredith Gordon | Feb 16, 2016 Celebrities

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Kate Middleton is living a real-life fairy tale, and as is to be expected, she's clearly head-over-heels in love with her Prince Charming. All these years later, Kate is still swooning over Will -- not that anyone can really blame her. He's smart, sexy, clearly enamored of her, and oh yeah, there's that whole royal, future king thing too, which certainly doesn't hurt. All joking aside, though, it's easy to see that Kate and William always make each other a priority. They're incredibly busy and always on the go, but they always manage to find time for each other. William and Kate also aren't afraid to let it be known that their marriage couldn't be any stronger. 

These two are rock solid, which is hard enough in a regular marriage, let alone one where the public is constantly watching their every move. 

Check out some of the sweetest things Kate has said about her charming hubby and his famous family. Making the transition from being a commoner to a royal can't have been easy for Kate, but at this point, she's a pro, and is in it for the long haul. And she's passed all of her challenges with flying colors -- like a true duchess! Prince William must be so proud to call her his -- and the rest of the crew is fortunate to have her as a member of the family as well. 

  • Blushing Bride


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    Kate adorably describes to William the first time she met him, saying, "Well I actually think I went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy about meeting you."

  • Made With Love


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    "He did cook for me at university … always with a bit of anger if something went wrong."

  • Kindhearted


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    Kate once told her best friend, "There's no one quite like William ... I bet he's kind. You can tell just by looking at him."

  • Macho Man


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    In 2011, Kate said of Will, "I'm very, very lucky. He looks after me as much as possible."

  • Lost in Love


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    Kate on being in a long-term relationship: "Well I think if you really go out with someone for quite a long time you do get to know each other very, very well, you go through the good times, you go through the bad times. You know both personally, but also within a relationship as well."

  • Throwing Shade


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    Turns out, Will wasn't Kate's first love. She said, "No, I had the Levi's guy on my wall, not a picture of William, sorry."

  • Hand in Marriage


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    Kate's mother wasn't the first to know she was going to get married. Kate said, "I think as any mother would be she was absolutely over the moon. And actually we had quite an awkward situation because I knew and I knew that William had asked my father but I didn't know if my mother knew."

  • Meet the Parents


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    Meeting the future King of England can be nerve-racking, but not for Kate. She said: "I was quite nervous about meeting William's father, but he was very, very welcoming, very friendly, it couldn't have gone easier really for me."

  • Wishful Thinking


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    Before becoming a mother, Kate said: "I hope we will be able to have a happy family ourselves."

  • Confident


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    Back when Will and Kate were dating, she said, "He's so lucky to be going out with me."

  • Spousal Support


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    Kate is feeling nothing but love from the people at home, saying, "I think, the people around home are very supportive of us."

  • On Bended Knee


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    On her proposal, Kate said: "I thought he might have maybe thought about it, but no. It was a total shock when it came, and very exciting."

  • Lord of the Rings


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    Kate's engagement ring belonged to William's mother, Diana. With respect, Kate said: "Well, I just hope I look after it. It's very, very special."

  • Mother-in-Law


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    Kate is deferential when talking about William's iconic mother, Princess Diana. She said: "Obviously I would have loved to have met her and she's obviously she's an inspirational woman to look up to."

  • Seasoned Pro


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    William has been famous his entire life, but Kate is new to fame. She said: "I don't know the ropes, William is obviously used to it, but no, I'm willing to learn quickly and work hard."

  • Scared Straight


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    Kate adores Will, but she doesn't adore his motorcycle. She said: "It always fills me with horror when he goes on it. I'm terrified. Hopefully, I'm going to keep George off it."

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