Lamar Odom May Be Gearing Up to Break Khloe Kardashian's Heart Again

She has been his rock since his October 2015 overdose, but Lamar Odom may be planning to blindside Khloe Kardashian with divorce. Khloe had suspended their initial divorce filing so that she could help make important medical decisions while Lamar was incapacitated.


The report comes from Radar Online, and while they make it sound as though Khloe will be completely shocked by the news in their headline, they do go on to say that Lamar loves KoKo, he just wants to be in control of his own life.

Personally, we think Khloe would be just fine with putting the final nail in their divorce proceedings. She's been Lamar's biggest supporter throughout his medical battle, but moving on with her life is obviously a great priority as well.

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At the same time, we're not sure we're buying that Lamar wants out of the Kardashian family so quickly. Aside from his father (with whom he has an on-off relationship) and his two children, he doesn't have a ton of family. The Kardashians (say what you will about them) have offered the former NBA player a great deal of strength and protection during his time of need. Even as he continues to make great strides in his recovery, it's not like he has a huge support system outside of their tight-knit clan.

The story also alludes to the "great team" Lamar has around him -- but that team is comprised primarily of Kardashian peeps!

Either way, we're not expecting any tears from Khloe if Lam-Lam actually does file his own divorce papers, but we're also not expecting to see that happen any time soon, in our humble opinion.


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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