Taylor Swift's Brother Has the Only Important Response to Kanye's Diss Track

While you were probably sleeping last night, Kanye West debuted a new line of Yeezy fashion and, naturally, his new album at the same time. But instead of talking about the clothes, we're talking about Taylor Swift, because Kanye's album contains a track that has some sort of nasty stuff to say about her. Taylor's upset and we're upset and everybody is upset ... or, everyone's upset except for the Internet's resident cool brother Austin Swift, who dealt with all the nastiness like a total champ.


The track in question, which is called "Famous" and will be on Kanye's upcoming album The Life of Pablo, says this about Taylor:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that b---- famous.

We heard that and gasped in horror. Austin heard that and went straight for his Yeezys:

Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.

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Let's talk about Yeezys for a sec: Kanye debuted the first pair in the line almost exactly one year ago, and it sold out immediately. He released the second design last June, and it sold out immediately. More came out in August, and they sold out immediately. Kanye wears his Yeezys; the Kardashians wear Yeezys; Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham, and Taylor Swift wear Yeezys.

But Austin Swift? Austin throws his Yeezys in the trash.

And then posts about it on Instagram.

Though there's some debate about what actually went down (Kanye said on Twitter that Tay okay'd those lyrics, while Taylor's publicist said she really, really didn't and that she'd actually warned Kanye against being so misogynistic), we're inclined to believe Taylor on this one. It doesn't seem like we're the only ones, either -- aside from her brother, a bunch of people from Taylor's "squad" have stood up in support of her

On top of that, Austin's video is up to almost 50,000 likes, so we can kind of see who's side everyone is on. Kanye's tweet only has 31,000 faves, but who's counting?


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