Kris Jenner Shares Embarrassing Yet Sweet Throwback Photo of Kim & Kourtney

kourtney kardashian

Sometimes you just need to dress your kids in matching poodle skirts and post it on the Internet years later for the world to see. Kris Jenner posted a vintage pic of her two eldest daughters on Thursday, and while it wasn't exactly the family's best fashion moment, holy crap do little Kim and Kourtney look alike! And they're cute as hell!


It's hard to believe there was a time that Kim and Kourtney weren't with their glitz and glamour and jewels and tight clothes, but here's proof that they weren't always "fancy." How adorable is this?

Love it! And honestly, the girls haven't changed that much. Talk about good genes. 

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Gotta love Kris for occasionally posting photos like this, giving us a glimpse of what they were like before they were The Kardashians. From the looks of things, their childhood wasn't much different from most of ours. Well, in some ways.

It would be great if one day the girls decided to replicate an old photo of theirs -- clothes, hairstyles, and all. But, the odds of that are pretty slim, so hey -- at least we still have Kris's throwback pics. 


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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