If Kim Kardashian 'Regrets' Her Sex Tape, Why Won't Kanye Shut Up About It?

It's hard to be a feminist and a Kanye West fan. Especially since his latest album, The Life of Pablo, not only slags on Taylor Swift, but has some pretty icky lyrics about his wife and the mother of his children, Kim Kardashian. 


Kim Kardashian has said of the sex tape that she made in 2003 with her ex-boyfriend Ray J that she "deeply regrets" it. I think we've all made mistakes in our lives -- Lord knows I have -- and when you say in public (to Oprah, no less) that you deeply regret something, I think it's fair that people should let it go. Especially people who have promised to love and protect you, which is usually what happens when you marry someone. Kim is a mom now, with her daughter North West and her brand-new baby Saint West, and I sincerely doubt she wants her kids to grow up reading about a mistake she made when she was 23 years old -- much less hear their father rap about this same mistake, like he does on The Life of Pablo's "High Lights":

I bet me and Ray J would be friends / If we ain't love the same bitch / Yeah, he might have hit it first / Only problem is I'm rich.

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Sure, maybe Yeezy sat down with his wifey and explained to her that he planned on calling out the sex tape she deeply regrets on his new song, but what a weird freakin' position to put her in anyway. What? Couldn't he find a better rhyme than bitch and rich

It would be one things if Kim was all, "Yeah, I made a sex tape, it was fun, but in retrospect I wouldn't have done it" -- but that's not what she's said. It's not like she takes pride in this moment and is owning it. 

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I personally don't feel Kim has anything to be ashamed of. So she made a sex tape and it was unfortunately released to the public -- big whoop. But I do think, considering she deeply regrets it, that her husband might wanna rethink bringing it up again in such a public fashion. 


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