15 White Celebrities Who Are Raising Black Children (PHOTOS)

Celia San Miguel | Feb 14, 2016 Celebrities
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  • Hugh Jackman


    Image via Splash News/Corbis

    After Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra Lee-Furness endured several devastating miscarriages and years of IVF treatments, the couple decided to stop their attempts at conception and instead focus on becoming parents through adoption. In 2000, the couple adopted their mixed-race son Oscar. In a sit-down with Barbara Walters in 2009, the X-Men star said that adopting mixed-race children (Oscar and younger sister Ava) had been a deliberate choice since mixed-race children often wait three times as long as their white peers to be adopted. "It was like, where's the need? The need was obviously mixed-race children," Jackman said.

  • Madonna


    Image via Sax Rohmer/Splash News

    In addition to her two biological children, Lourdes Leon, 19, and Rocco Ritchie, 15, pop icon Madonna has two adopted Malawian children: son David Banda, 10, whose biological mother died shortly after childbirth and who the singer met and subsequently adopted in 2006, when he was just 1 year old; and daughter Mercy James, 9, whom she adopted in 2009 at the age of 3. While some media outlets categorized her decision to adopt as a publicity stunt, Madonna said during an October 2006 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she was surprised and saddened by the negative press. "The media is doing a great disservice to all the orphans of Africa — not just Malawi — by turning it into such a negative thing,”she said.

  • Joey Mazzarino


    Image via ST/Splash News

    Head Sesame Street writer Joey Mazzarino was inspired by Segi, the little girl he adopted from Ethiopia, to create a viral video in 2010 featuring a brown puppet singing about loving her hair. Mazzarino's video was meant to inspire self-love among black and brown girls like his own daughter, then 5. "I just want kids to know their hair is beautiful," Mazzarino said, noting he was inspired to write the piece after watching Segi go through a period of playing with Barbies and criticizing herself for not having the doll's long, straight, blond mane. "I just hope little girls see this and really feel positive and great about themselves."

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  • Katherine Heigl


    Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash

    "Adoption has been a part of my life, so it was how I wanted to start," former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl told Redbook magazine in November 2010 of why she and husband Josh Kelley opted to adopt their first daughter Naleigh the previous year. In 2012, the couple decided to give Naleigh a sibling and again investigated the possibility of adopting from South Korea (Naleigh's homeland and also that of Heigl's adopted older sister Meg), only to find out adoptions had become increasingly difficult in the region. After opting to pursue a domestic adoption, the couple brought home a beautiful black newborn baby from Louisiana in April 2012, naming her Adalaide Maire Hope.

  • Steven Spielberg


    Image via Jose Perez/Splash News

    Legendary film director Steven Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw, have a modern, blended family that includes seven children: Jessica, 39, Capshaw's daughter with ex-husband Robert Capshaw; Max, 30, Spielberg's son with ex-wife Amy Irving; Sasha, 25, Sawyer, 23, and Destry, 19, whom the couple conceived together; and their two adopted black children Theo, 27, and Mikaela, 19. These days, siblings Sasha and Theo are in-demand DJs and musicians, comprising the band Wardell, which is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation.


  • Jillian Michaels


    Image via INFphoto.com

    Blessings came in pairs for fitness expert Jillian Michaels and her longtime partner Heidi Rhoades. In 2012, after an extensive and often frustrating 2-year-long process, Michaels brought home a 2-year-old daughter she'd adopted from Haiti: Lukensia. The crazy part? Seventy-two-hours before Michaels journeyed to Port-Au-Prince to pick up Lu, Rhodes gave birth to their son Phoenix. As it turns out, the couple had been so disheartened by the challenges of the adoption process that they decided to get pregnant and, in a serendipitous twist, both routes to parenting came to fruition at the exact same time!

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