Kim Kardashian Is Impossible to Miss in Crazy Animal-Print Fur Coat (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

Well, this is a new look. Kim Kardashian touched down in NYC for Fashion Week earlier on this week and she's been taking the city by storm in some interesting looks. Perhaps her most interesting look, though, was a long, cow-print fur coat and a turtleneck with the sleeves cut off. You know, just your regular ol' running errands gear. 


Kim still has her hair in her new favorite 'do -- braids. But complementing her hair was a super loud coat and her beloved sheer, black turtleneck -- only it appears that she cut the sleeves off herself. They're even frayed! Perhaps this was on purpose, but it doesn't seem very "Kim."

kim kardashian

It's an interesting look to say the least, and it's doubtful the critics are going to name this as Kim's best look ever, but hey. It's Kim. She looks good no matter what. 

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Recently, Kim revealed that she wants to shed 70 pounds before making her big "comeback," which obviously is a little ridiculous since she already looks so amazing. But, no doubt, once Kim gets to her goal weight, the braids are coming out and the long coats are coming off. Even though she's already made her post-baby debut, that likely will be Kim's real reveal. 

Oh, Kim. Only you could do a reveal off of a reveal. Only you. #respect


Image via Gotcha Images/Splash News; Splash News

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