Kate Middleton Is 'Pregnant With Twins' Again but Hey, Who's Counting?

What the what? Rumors are running rampant that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls, just nine months after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. It's not like Kate would be the first woman to get pregnant again so quickly after having a child, but really?


The report comes out of OK! magazine (so we're hesitating with a hint of side eye) that Kate is 12 weeks along with not one, but two little buns in the oven, both girls.

Now here's the thing: If you want to go ahead and report that Kate is preggo with twins, that's one thing -- but typically an expecting mama doesn't find out the gender of her baby until 16 weeks along, so even if she is pregnant, this rumor feels like it's jumping the gun a bit.

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The rumors go on to say that Kate and Prince William weren't even trying to conceive, it just happened, and that Wills was utterly shocked when his wife broke the news (and most husbands would be).

Considering how sick Kate gets during pregnancy, we have to figure she and Will are pretty darn careful about their family planning -- another reason we're skeptical about this piece of news.

Still, she was spotted out the other night only drinking sparkling water while Will enjoyed a glass of wine. That does offer the teeniest bit of hope that, hey, maybe we will see twin princesses in another 28 weeks, but we're not holding our breath.

Image via Phil Noble/WPA-Pool/Splash News

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