Here's What the Kids Call Prince George at School

We all oohed and aahed over his first day of preschool photos last month, but now that the toddler royal has settled into his new routine, what is Prince George called at school? He is, after all, heir to the British throne.


You'll be relieved to know that at the Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, the prince is simply known as "George" to his classmates and teachers. No trumpets sound when he enters the room, and most certainly none of the children are asked to call him His Royal Highness.

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According to People, it's likely that the little guy's coat hook and cubby just say George as well. No special treatment for this guy, which we're assuming is exactly the way Kate Middleton and Prince William want it.

Perhaps the school took a cue from Disney Junior's Sofia the First -- we can't recall any of her friends putting the princess in front of her name (and she is finding out what being royal's all about, you know). Much like how we look to Grey's Anatomy for all of our medical knowledge, we look to Sofia for all of our royal etiquette questions.

Does anyone else totally awww over the idea of Prince George hanging up his little backpack at school every day? We love that kid and his squishy cheeks.


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