Kylie Jenner's Dress Is So Short We Can Almost See Her You Know What (PHOTO)

It's all fun and games wearing a minidress -- until your nether regions are nearly exposed. Kylie Jenner hit the streets of New York in a minuscule brown suede dress, almost giving a show to the good people of the Big Apple.


In some circles, this dress might actually be used as a coat, over clothes with a lot more length, but Kylie makes it work in thigh-high boots, no less. This is a brave style move for a number of reasons -- it's cold in New York; one strong gust of wind, and keeping your private area private is a no-go. And sitting down without leaving a butt print on the seat seems nearly impossible.

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But, hey, when you're young and gorgeous, these things all seem very trivial.

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We're guessing Kylie was in New York to work on some more monster deals, like the reportedly seven-figure deal she landed with Puma and the launch of her full line of Kylie Cosmetics. The 18-year-old is becoming quite the boss lady of late. We just one have suggestion: For board meetings, please cover up just a smidge more. Then again, the office mini worked for Ally McBeal, so maybe Kylie is onto something.


Image via Holly Heads, LLC/Splash News

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