Demi Lovato Wears Fur -- Maybe -- & Everyone Freaks Out (PHOTO)

Cue the outrage! Demi Lovato recently posed for a picture wearing a fur coat while cuddling with her dog, and the Internet was not having it. The comments on her gorgeous Instagram snap were full of disgust and threats to unfollow -- even though it hasn't been confirmed that the fur was in fact real.


Demi has rocked the faux fur in the past, so there's a good chance that this is just a really good imitation of the real thing.


A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

But even if it's real -- who cares? Unless you're a vegan or hunt your own food to make sure every last scrap of the animal is used, I'm not sure anyone has a right to be so upset about Demi's clothing choices.

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The photo in question is a behind-the-scenes shot from her Allure magazine cover shoot from last month, and features both the singer and her precious pooch too. Which of course just made fans even more upset, because how dare she wear fur and love on her dog at the same time!

One follower on her Facebook page wrote, "i love demi, but holding a dog and wearing some other animal's fur at the same time? really?” Another commented, "Sorry demi but that is disgusting! Fur is the most badest thing you can do! You say you love animals but love to wear a animal who suffered for your comfort?? This is not OK miss lovato! Sorry but you lost a lot from me."

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Sorry, not sorry, but I just can't muster up any rage for this. We don't even know if it's real, people. And people are really upset that she included her puppy in the photo? They are aware that dogs are an entirely different species from minks (the most commonly used fur in fashion), right? Geez, she's not Cruella de Vil.

This backlash against Demi is silly, and it would probably make the world a better place if people hating on her directed their rage toward something that actually matters, like the fact that ice cream has too many calories. Can't we get a scientist on that, stat? That's a campaign I could get behind.


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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