Funny or Die's 'Trump's Art of the Deal' Is Your New Favorite Movie Starring Johnny Depp (VIDEO)

Funny or Die has made Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal into a movie starring Johnny Depp, and it's a hilarious snapshot of the 1980s. Kenny Loggins even wrote the theme song. It will also be the only thing anyone on your social media feeds will be talking about, so watch it before everyone else does! 


There are so many celebrity cameos in this movie -- Ron Howard introduces it, and there's Patton Oswalt, Alfred Molina, Henry Winkler, Andy Richter, and New Girl's Michaela Watkins, who plays Ivanka Trump.

The movie hilariously claims Donald Trump as the writer-director-producer and star.

There are so many funny moments in it: Alf as Trump's best man, Trump switching out kid actors when he realizes what nationality they are, a cameo by The Fat Boys who perform "The Lawsuit Rap" with Trump, and a nod to Freaky Friday when he blows out his 40th birthday candles. 



Image via Funny or Die 

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