Kim Kardashian Won't Come Out of Hiding Until She Loses 70 Pounds

kim kardashian

Well, this must be hard. Kim Kardashian is staying hidden until she loses all of the weight she gained while pregnant with Saint, plus a little extra. A source claims that Kim wants to lose 70 pounds (!!!) before being seen in public again. Is she crazy? She's looked incredible the whole time!


An insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Kim is keeping her body on lockdown for now "until she feels she has lost enough weight to be seen." Apparently, Kim is super careful to make sure she's always covered up if she absolutely has to go out in public. "She will not be happy or satisfied until the last few pounds are off," the source claims.

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We all know that Kim is an extreme perfectionist, so this isn't all that surprising. But she's also an open book, who shared all of the intimate details of her pregnancy. Why hide now? Especially when she's insanely gorgeous at any size.

Kim has definitely been seen more since giving birth to Saint than she was with North. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been posting selfies to social media, etc. -- things she barely did after her first pregnancy. Still, though, she's clearly looking to make a major splash when she returns to the limelight. 

Hopefully Kim is enjoying her time with her sweet babies while she's "off" and not putting too much pressure on herself to whip back into pre-baby shape. Again, she's beautiful no matter the size. And, who's she kidding anyway? All anyone wants to see is the baby. 


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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