15 Surprising Things About Kourtney Kardashian

Amy Goldman | Feb 15, 2016 Celebrities
15 Surprising Things About Kourtney Kardashian
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Kourt. Kardashian the elder. La petite Kardashian. There are so many ways to describe Kourtney Kardashian, but how much do we really know about her? This mother of three has a way of throwing shade at Kim that makes her one of the best parts of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. There's more to Kourtney than her confident TV persona lets on, though, and the more we learn about her, the more relatable the eldest Kardashian sister seems.

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The oldest Kardashian has had her fair share of odd jobs and missteps. From her college days as a (surprising) theatre major, her dreams of becoming a lawyer like her father Robert Kardashian, and even her other reality show experience (yes, Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn't her first reality show!), Kourtney's path to reality stardom was anything but straight.

We all know that Kourtney was a notorious party girl, but maybe these not-so-well known facts will bring to light the full karacter -- we mean, character -- of Kourt! 

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We've rounded up some surprising facts about this reality star. Keep reading for 15 things one probably doesn't know about Kourtney Kardashian!  

  • Like Father Like Daughter


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    Before she was a famous reality star, Kourtney considered becoming a lawyer like her dad. She even apply to law school, but ultimately decided not to attend.

  • Très Chic


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    In addition to co-founding Dash with her sisters, Kourtney started a children's clothing boutique with Kris called Smooch. And we thought Target's kids clothes were chic.

  • Stage Fright


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    Even famous people get nervous in front of crowds. It turns out that Kourtney failed two college classes because she was terrified of public speaking.

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  • She's a Big Fan


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    It's weird to think of the star of a reality show having her own favorite guilty TV indulgences, but Kourtney loves watching Oxygen's Snapped and Nancy Grace. It must be nice watching other women's drama for a change!

  • Kalamity Kourt


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    Despite her poised and polished persona on TV, Kourtney used to be more accident-prone than we would have thought. When she was 5, Kourtney fell off her swing set and broke her collarbone. Bad luck struck again in college when Kourtney was stung by a scorpion.

  • She's Quite the Scholar (Really)


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    Kourtney has a bachelor's degree in theater arts and Hispanic studies from the University of Arizona, where she was classmates with Kim's pal Nicole Richie. Kourtney's well-rounded education must be what fuels all of those biting insults she throws at Kim.

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  • Lights, Cameras


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    Surprisingly, this Kardashian sister got her start in show business behind the camera. Kourt worked as a movie production assistant. According to Kourtney, "I had to yell 'cut' and 'rolling' all day."

  • Spider Girl


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    Kourtney suffers from a bad case of arachnophobia. As she explained, "I have a major fear of spiders and didn't go into my bathroom once for two months because I saw one there." Maybe Mason takes care of any creepy crawlies for his mom at home?

  • Just Like Shelley Long


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    Not only was Kourtney a Brownie, but her mom was her troop leader! Just imagining Kris Jenner trying to manage a pack of hyper little girls is more entertaining than some episodes of KUWTK.

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  • Saddle Up


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    Kourtney participated in the reality show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive in 2005. While on the show, she "killed, skinned, cooked and ate a rattlesnake on a cattle drive." That must be how Kourt keeps her figure so trim!

  • Wish Fulfillment


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    Kourtney's television credits aren't limited to shows on E! In 2011, she made a guest appearance on One Life to Live. Kourtney lived out her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer by playing an attorney named Kassandra Kavanaugh on TV.

  • Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty


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    As a kid, Kourtney collected music boxes -- a slightly classier hobby than our childhood Pez dispenser collection. These days, she's partial to collecting books and Missoni china.

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  • Regrets, I've Had a Few


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    Kourtney is refreshingly honest when it comes to talking about plastic surgery and even admits that she regrets getting breast implants for her 22nd birthday. "They don’t feel like part of my body," the KUWTK star shared. "If I'd researched it, I probably wouldn't have gotten a boob job."

  • Very Superstitious


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    Kourtney has a unique, superstitious ritual for when she travels by air. "When I go on an airplane, it's right foot first and then I kiss two fingers and touch the plane," the reality star said. "When I take off, I cross two fingers on my right hand and put both my thumbs up." That sounds almost as exhausting as getting through airport security.

  • Just to Be Sure


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    When she realized she was pregnant, she was so surprised that Kourtney took 20 pregnancy tests to make absolutely sure. Kourtney finally made a trip to her doctor who confirmed that she was definitely carrying her first child.

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