Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Kate Middleton's Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

When Cara Delevingne first sashayed across the catwalk with her thick, caterpillar brows, we all stopped to take notice, then attempted to grow our own brows to mimic hers. In fact, as evidenced by photos, even Kate Middleton is trying the thicker brow trend on for size.


Over the course of the past two years, Kate's brows have gotten noticeably bolder, with the Duchess of Cambridge clearly trying her hand at filling them in. It seems as though she started a bit more subtly, but now that she has the hang of it (she does her own makeup, after all), the royal seems to be taking more risks in regards to her eye fringe.

Take a look at a photo from just this past weekend when Kate attended the 75th anniversary of the RAF Air Cadets in London. Her brows are darker and fuller, with a slightly more accentuated arch. Basically they're on fleek, as the kids would say.

Now let's take a gander back at 2013 when the duchess attended an event at Olympic Park. Her brows looked lovely back then, but way less defined and certainly thinner:

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Frankly, we love Kate with either thick or thinner brows, but for some reason it tickles us to observe that she's making a conscious effort to follow the latest bold brow trend like so many other women are. See, royals really are just like us after all.


Images via Alan Davidson/NMA-Pool; James Whatling; Splash News

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