Khloe Kardashian's Topless Nip Slip Pic Isn't for the Faint of Heart (PHOTO)

khloe kardashian

Aye aye aye! Khloe Kardashian is hotter than a fart in a mitten these days -- and clearly she knows it! On Sunday, Khloe posted a nude photo of herself to Instagram from a photo shoot she did a few months ago. And if you're hoping it has nipple in it, this is your lucky day. 


Khloe said that she was trying her best to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe for the pics. And while people may not have thought of Monroe right away upon seeing this shot, whatever Khloe's doing here is smokin' hot. Feast your eyes upon this:

Channeling my best Marilyn Monroe

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Gorgeous, right? The red lips. The pool. The wet hair. Absolutely stunning photo. 

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Ever since her body transformation, Khloe has been stripping down and wearing skintight clothes on the reg. And who could blame her? We all would be doing the same thing if we looked like that, no? She worked hard for her gorgeous bod; she should show it off every chance she gets. 

And as for the nip slip? Eh, let's be real, that probably wasn't a slip. But, whatevs, no one's complaining. Looking beautiful, Koko. Whatever you're doing, keep on keepin' on. 


Image via Aficionado Group/Splash News

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