Adult Film Star Who Sued Josh Duggar Over 'Rough Sex' Admits She Lied

Wow, we didn't exactly see this one coming. Adult film star Danica Dillon has dropped her sexual assault charges against Josh Duggar and admitted that she lied. She sued the former 19 Kids and Counting star last summer, claiming that he had paid her twice for "rough sex."


Dillon also claimed that even though she'd allegedly been paid, she felt like she had been raped. And she said that both encounters occurred while Josh's wife Anna was pregnant with their fourth child. Apparently, she made the whole thing up.

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TMZ is reporting that Dillon dropped the case and promised never to refile it against Josh. In exchange, Josh agreed not to file documents that proved that Danica lied about the encounters. And, according to the settlement, she acknowledged that Josh's documents did indeed "conclusively" prove that she lied.

Which goes to show that you can't rely on lie detector tests, because that chick passed one while talking about the alleged sexual assault.

Josh still has a long way to go, though, before he can even think about fully redeeming himself. Just because this case was dropped doesn't change the fact that he confessed to cheating on Anna (only after he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack) and being addicted to porn.

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Plus, he let his family back him up on downplaying those molestation charges against his sisters as a young teen, when he knew the whole time that he was a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater.

He's still in the long-term treatment facility where he's been ever since he admitted that he cheated on Anna. She has stated that her prayer is for God to heal her marriage, and while I would make a different choice than she would, this seems like a big step for their recovery. I just hope that Josh understands he still has miles of road to cover before he should expect anyone to ever trust him again.


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