Princess Charlotte Already Has Her Very Own Lipstick Shade

Well, if this news doesn't make her destined to be a beauty junkie, we don't know what will. Princess Charlotte is the inspiration behind a new Marc Jacobs lipstick, aptly named Charlotte.


The shade is described as a "high-pigmented pink" and will be sold exclusively at Harrods in London, which means unless you cross the pond, you're out of luck in terms of nabbing the pretty product. It's also meant to act as a celebration of Britain because it is likened to the rich tones of an English rose. 

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We love that Marc Jacobs is honoring the tiny princess in such a sweet way, and we really hope we get to see what the color looks like on Kate Middleton. After all, you've got to figure the proud mom will be chomping at the bit to support a lipstick named after her little girl.

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And if we're being honest, we're a little jealous. In our time on this planet (which has been, ahem, many decades longer than Charlotte), we've hoped and dreamed to have a lipstick named after us (or a nail polish will do), but no such luck yet. Those royals get to have all the fun.


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