Rob Kardashian Shows Off Fresh New Look in One of Blac Chyna's Snapchats

rob kardashianOkay, what is going on? Is Rob Kardashian slowly getting more comfortable in the public eye again? Ever since it was revealed that he and Blac Chyna are dating, the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been popping up on social media. And on Thursday, Rob appeared in a new Snapchat with Chyna -- sans his beard. 


In the Snapchat -- which has since been deleted, because, Snapchat -- Rob and Chyna are seen driving in the car. Rob looks happy as apparently he and his lady talk about collard greens. Us Weekly reports that Chyna asks Rob if he knows what a collard green is and he says no. "Imma make you some collard greens tonight, I promise," she replies, smiling. 

Here's a pic from the Snap:


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His family may not like her, but it certainly seems like Blac Chyna is making Rob Kardashian a happy man. Dude seems more together than he has in ages. Good for him. Of course, it sucks that it's at the expense of something, but hey, no such thing as a free lunch, right?

Hopefully, Rob and his family will figure out a way to all get along, despite who he's dating. It's definitely a little weird and incestuous that Rob chose Chyna for a girlfriend, but as the saying goes: We don't choose who we fall in love with. 

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Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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