Prince Harry's Face Is Being Used to Pimp Out Sex Toys

Talk about cashing in on the royals. Prince Harry's face is being used to sell sex toys by a dominatrix who claims she had a sexy romp with him in Las Vegas.


I guess this is legal? A 42-year-old beautician named Carrie Reichert, who calls herself Carrie Royale while working at night as a dominatrix, claims she had fun times with the young royal four years ago when he was caught swimming naked in a Vegas pool. Now she is selling a "do it at home" dominatrix kit filled with goodies like lingerie, a leather whip, vibrator, handcuffs, and a cheeky tiara because, as I mentioned, Harry's image is being used on the inside cover of the package.

The kit will set you back $100 and will go on sale in the next few weeks. If you just so happen to live at Buckingham Palace, no worries, Reichert says she will be sending the royals one kit free of charge. Just the thing Queen Elizabeth has always dreamed of owning.

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You can say this about Reichert: She has entrepreneurial spirit. She admits people around the world only know her as a woman Prince Harry maybe fooled around with in Sin City, so she thinks it's a good business tactic to use him to sell her products -- and who knows, perhaps she'll make a small fortune from her kit. In her mind, he exposed her as a dominatrix, so it's only fair that she have fun and help others explore their sexuality -- with a little help from the sexy prince.

My, my, my. What must Harry be thinking today? What is the queen saying about this whole embarrassing scandal, which I bet she thought would be swept under the rug for good by now? Are Kate Middleton and Prince William having a chuckle about it? Will Kate gift her brother-in-law a Christmas dominatrix kit of his very own next year? Oh, to be a fly on those royal walls at a time like this!


Image via Splash News

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