16 Times Kanye West's Resting Bitch Face Stole the Show (PHOTOS)

Listen, resting bitch face (RBF) is a thing -- you know it, we know it, and now science knows it. In fact, scientists even went so far as to conduct a study on resting bitch face (you know, because inquiring minds apparently want to know why some folks look uber pissed off all the time).


We all know that Kanye doesn't think smiling is "cool," but as it turns out, he's probably just suffering from resting bitch face like many of us common folk are. The study says that while most faces register 97 percent neutral, with 3 percent underlying emotion (the part that produces resting bitch face), folks like Kanye have more than your average underlying emotion in their expression -- up to 6 percent, in fact. 

Just another reason to note that the music and fashion mogul is super special. We dug up our favorite examples of Kanye showing off his resting bitch face for you to enjoy. You can thank us later.

Image via Splash News

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