17 Times North West Had It 'Up to Here' With Kim & Kanye

kim kardashianParents, man. They can be a real bummer. Between dragging you around to fashion shows and squeezing your little bottom into this season's Balmain, like Will Smith said, they just don't understand. Of course, to most, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have given North West anything and everything under the sun. But when you're a toddler, you couldn't care less. Sure, she has a life most grown-ups envy, but North West is officially over her parents. 

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North has been the face of plenty of memes, and her hilarious expressions are often oh so relatable. We mean, we get it, parents can be annoying -- although we have to admit, we wouldn't mind being born into that family. 

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From her bored face to her "over it" face to her "please get away from me" face, North is quite the little character. And we can't get enough of seeing her cute, sassy self. In addition to rocking the cutest toddler fashions, she seems to have a diva attitude to match. But hey, it's a tough world out there for the rich and famous kids of the world. 

Here are 17 times the adorable tyke was so done with Kim and Kanye. 


Image via Fern/Splash News


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