Kim Kardashian Shares Her X-Rated Valentine's Day Gift Guide

kim kardashian

Now we know how Kim and Kanye do Valentine's Day. On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian revealed Valentine's Day gift guides on her app, and all we can say is: Kanye is a very lucky man. 


Kim revealed three different guides for the holiday, and yes, each is a bit more ridiculous than the next. In one of her gift guides -- the steamiest gift guide of all -- Kim suggested purchasing a stripper pole for your lover, as well as a mesh handcuffs, a vibrator, and a riding crop. Yowza!

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Kim also encouraged her fans to treat themselves -- and their partners -- to edible undies, chocolate body sauce, and, if they're feeling splurgey, a $10,000 bottle of champagne. YOLO, right guys?

No doubt, Kim and Kanye will have a romantic evening, but being that they just had a baby and they still live with Kim's mom, it's pretty unlikely that the stripper pole or mesh handcuffs will be broken out. 

As for the 10K bottle of champs, though? Why not? It's the perfect accompaniment to leftover Chinese and On Demand. 

Good for Kim and Kanye for keeping the sexiness alive in their marriage. And, hey, good for Kim for encouraging others to do the same. But please, kids, don't run out and buy a stripper pole or a bottle of booze that costs more than a used car. Valentine's Day is only one night. 


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