Kim Kardashian May Have Kicked Kanye West Out of the House

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Trouble in paradise? According to reports, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not getting along lately. In fact, an insider says that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is so fed up with the rapper that Kim's considering divorce!


While it's a little hard to believe that Kim would seriously be contemplating a split from her husband a month after she gave birth, apparently she's fuming over the battle Kanye and Amber Rose engaged in on social media recently. A source told Life & Style that after Amber revealed some of Kanye's sexual predilections, Kim has "never felt more humiliated in her life."

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If the rumors are to be believed, Kim went to extreme measures to punish Kanye after the Twitter war he and Amber got into. "She was so angry, she wouldn’t let Kanye into the house," the source continued. "She changed all the codes and asked security not to let him through the gate." Kim also supposedly believes every word of Amber's and is sick to her stomach over Kanye "antagonizing" his ex, who Kim may think he's "still obsessed with."

It's highly likely that Kim is pissed at her husband for getting involved in something so petty -- and something that his kids will one day see. But being that Kim and Amber just took a selfie together on Instagram, things are probably getting better between everyone. After all, how can she forgive Amber but not Kanye?

Hopefully, this will be a lesson to Kanye. The dude loves to speak his mind, but sometimes, for the sake of his family, he should just keep his trap shut. 


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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