Prince Harry Narrowly Escaped Taliban Rocket While Serving in the Military

You couldn't be blamed for wondering whether Prince William's sibling was treated like royalty while serving in the British Army -- but nothing could be further from the truth. While stationed in Afghanistan, Prince Harry escaped a Taliban rocket that blew up just a few feet from his camp.


The frightening incident happened when Harry was 23 and was deployed to a desert base called Dwyer, located six miles from the front line. In his new book, Coldstream Guards, 10 Years in Afghanistan, Guardsmen's Stories, Sergeant Tom Pal revealed: "I remember one afternoon before evening scoff or a gurkha curry was on I was sitting chatting with both Captain Russell and Prince Harry about random stuff when the camp was hit by a Chinese 107mm rocket ... whoosh, bang, wallop."

Pal says the trio rushed to put on their body armor and helmets, realizing a little too late that they were under attack. The rocket hit about 196 feet, which may seem like a long distance until you remember we're talking about a freaking bomb. It's terrifying -- and it proves Harry was treated no different from any other soldier on the ground.

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Even Pal admits he had trouble believing the royal would be, given the dangerous responsibility of a forward air controller. The most amazing aspect of this story, in my opinion, is that Harry hasn't bragged about it or used it to his advantage. If not for Pal, we may never even know about the attack.

Just goes to show: The young prince is willing to put in the work and expects to be treated like everyone else -- and isn't doing the things he does for fame or to stroke his own ego. He's the real deal.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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