Never-Before-Seen Pic of Queen Elizabeth at 13 Is Simply Stunning (PHOTO)

queen elizabethIt's not often that we get to see old photos of the queen, especially "informal" ones. But a beautiful photo of Queen Elizabeth as a 13-year-old princess has surfaced and we are enchanted.


The photo was taken in 1939 by Lawrence Audrain, a photographer from Canada. Back then, the Queen Mum didn't share this image because she felt it was too informal for the princess and so it stayed in Audrain's collection. The image eventually was passed on to the charity Send a Cow and chief executive Simon Barnes. Send a Cow helps stop poverty and hunger in Africa. Barnes recently gave the image to Prince Charles.

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What a beautiful Princess -- just 13 years old. Seeing this photo of the queen allows me to see the resemblance in her grandkids, Prince William and Prince Harry. She's so lovely. Looking in her eyes in this photo, I can't help but wonder if she knew what her life had in store for her and all the great things she would go on to do. I can't help but feel she knew ... she knew she wanted to do great things even at 13.

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When Prince Charles was given the photo, he reportedly said that he would check with his mum to see if she recalls the details of when and where this photo was taken. I can just imagine her having a good chuckle about it and sharing more stories of her childhood with her son, grandsons, and great-grandchildren.


Image via Splash News

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