Amy Duggar Opens Up About What It's Like Being the Rebel of Her Family

She's never exactly been afraid to go against the grain. Now, Amy (Duggar) King is speaking out about what it was like growing up with her ultra-conservative cousins, and what makes her so different from the other 19 Kids and Counting stars.


Often referred to as the rebel Duggar, Amy recently told People magazine, "I'm like a free bird."

It seems it was that way from the very beginning, as she was born out of wedlock to Jim Bob Duggar's sister, Deanna, and her dad, Terry Jordan. The pair married years later, but ultimately split in December.

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Speaking about her religious background, Amy shared, "I went to Christian school all of my life but I never really felt up to the Duggar standard." Of course, neither did her cousin Josh, who was raised with much stricter standards than herself and is now in rehab for sex addiction. Just saying.

Anyway, Amy credits her dad for helping shape her into the feisty, unafraid woman she is today. Jordan told the mag that he loved spending time with her, taking her hiking and letting her listen to secular music. "I just wanted to make sure she wasn't stifled or held back in any way," he shared. "I made a concerted effort for her to be able to express and be herself."

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And express herself she has! She didn't save her first kiss for her wedding day (although she said they put the brakes on doing more than that), and she even wore a bikini on her honeymoon in Cancun last September. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's kids don't even wear regular one-pieces.

Not that that bothers Amy. She said, "I don't feel guilty for being me ... I think kissing before marriage should happen."

She said that she also doesn't feel ostracized for her differing viewpoints. She shared, "My family is very, very accepting," adding that they've taken her new hubby Dillon King in as one of their own. And at the end of the day, Amy only had one thing to say about her family: "I love them."


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