Prince George Is Adjusting to His New School Like a Little Champ

All parents send their little ones off for their first day of school with the hope that they will meet friends, find a source of comfort in a teacher, and flourish academically. Kate Middleton and Prince William are breathing easy because Prince George reportedly loves nursery school and is adjusting well to his new schedule.


The royal 2-year-old began attending the Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk one month ago, but we hear he is already loving his new environment, making friends, and benefiting from the program, which stresses the importance of teaching children to be independent. 

According to a royal who spoke to People, "It has been a very happy time for them as a family. Prince George is settling in the nursery school very well. And the family is very grateful for the widespread goodwill they have received from around the world."

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There's always a chance that a toddler, especially one like George, who seems attached to mom Kate's hip, is going to dread school or act out when he realizes he has to share attention and toys with other students. But the beautiful thing about his Montessori program is that George is placed in the same class as children that are both his age and slightly older than him so that they can grow and learn together. George can then take the skills and compassion modeled to him by the older kids and apply them to his little sister Princess Charlotte when he gets home -- how cool is that?

William and Kate have made plenty of jokes about how George is a "little monkey" and an energetic little guy -- parent code for, "my toddler never sits still and enjoys throwing raw eggs on the living room floor." I think it was smart for the royal couple to register him for school at such an early age, even if he only attends class for a few hours a week. It helps him learn how to thrive without his parents and acquire new skills and confidence. 

It might even make him more cooperative and have fewer tantrums at home -- at least I hope so, for Kate and Will's sake!


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