15 Things Fans Probably Don't Know About Khloe Kardashian

Amy Goldman | Feb 8, 2016 Celebrities
15 Things Fans Probably Don't Know About Khloe Kardashian
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Khloe Kardashian probably ranks as the most candid member of her family, but that doesn't mean there aren't some juicy bits of trivia we've missed out on. We love Khloe for her no-BS attitude and her endless quips about her family's antics, so it's no surprise that she's one of the most entertaining Kardashians to read about. We searched the farthest regions of the Internet for some of the most interesting facts we could find about the wittiest Kardashian sister.

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There's so much more to Khloe than dramatic weight loss and relationship woes. The reality star has had her fair share of pitfalls and achievements: from the scary story of Khloe's first car accident, her education, and even her feelings about the passing of her father, Robert Kardashian -- Khloe has a whole history that the public doesn't know about. Though we tend to think we're all caught up with the Kardashians, it's important to remember that they were real people before they got famous ... which means they have secrets we don't even know about. 

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Keep reading for 15 things fans might not know about Khloe Kardashian!

And let us know: Which fact was the most surprising?

  • Rebel Without a Cause


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    Back when she was a teenager, Khloe was so upset about being given a used car instead of a new one that she stole her mother's ride. Khloe took her friends out for a night of fun, but her rebellious plans took a turn for the worse when the car burst into flames. This definitely beats our feeble attempts at acting out as teens.

  • Book Smart


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    When Khloe struggled to fit in at Marymount High School, the Catholic all-girls school she attended with Kim and Kourtney, she dropped out and opted to be homeschooled instead. Khloe went on to graduate with honors when she was only 17 years old.

  • Dear Diary


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    Khloe loves journaling. According to the reality star, recording her thoughts in a journal is "a great way to literally get things out of your system." With everything going on in her life, we bet her journals are full of interesting secrets. 

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  • Natural Beauty


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    During an interview with radio host Howard Stern, Khloe admitted to wanting to get a boob job sometime in the future. She maintained that she hadn't had any plastic surgery before. Of course she should do whatever she wants with her body, but we happen to think she already looks perfectly fabulous.

  • The Bare Truth


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    Khloe hates doing nude photo shoots. In a video she shared on her app, she said, "I feel like such a whore." When her friends gushed about how great she looked in a nude photo shoot, Khloe told them, "I sold my soul." 

  • A Close Call


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    Khloe experiences memory problems due to injuries from a 2001 car accident. During the terrifying ordeal, her head went through the car's windshield. She suffered from a severe concussion and memory loss. 

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  • Teenage Fanclub


    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Khloe just might be Christian Bale's number one fan. When discussing her appreciation of the English actor and his role in Newsies, Khloe said, "Rob and I used to be OBSESSED with this movie." She added, "I used to have the biggest crush on him!"

  • Commitment to Fitness


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    Khloe has an entire walk-in closet devoted to fitness gear in her Calabasas home. The closet stores tons of stylish workout clothes, almost 90 pairs of sneakers, and plenty of Fiji water.

  • Under Pressure


    Image via INTERSTAR/Splash News

    Khloe experiences hair loss during stressful periods in her life, including the time after her father's death and during her divorce. She uses hair extensions whenever this happens. 

  • Wetness Is the Essence of Beauty


    Image via DutchLabUSA/Splash News

    A huge proponent of staying hydrated, Khloe keeps her refrigerator stocked with five pitchers of fruit-infused water. She starts her day with a big glass of water and drinks several more throughout the day.

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  • Let's Get Physical


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    Khloe stays motivated during her workouts by listening to John Mayer. Her favorite songs include "Stop This Train" and his cover of "XO" by Beyonce.

  • Unbreakable Khloe


    Image via All Access Photo Group/Splash News

    In 2011, Khloe released a fragrance with her then-husband Lamar Odom. The fragrance's name, "Unbreakable," was inspired by the tenacity of their love for each other.  

  • Center Stage


    Image via Nate Beckett/Splash News

    Khloe made her acting debut alongside Scott Disick in an episode of Royal Pains. The pair played themselves in the show's sixth season finale.

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  • Mommie Dearest


    Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash News

    Khloe and her mom Kris have similar cross tattoos on their lower back. Khloe's "tramp stamp" features the word "Daddy," while Kris's tattoo incorporates the names of her daughters Kendall and Kylie.

  • Extra Credit


    Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    Khloe maxed out her very first credit card -- from Victoria's Secret, of all places. Rather than facing the embarrassment of asking her mom for help, she avoided paying off the debt for three years. 

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