Kylie Jenner's Skinny Selfie Has Fans a Little Concerned (PHOTO)

In another case of pinning serious issues on reality stars, Kylie Jenner's stomach selfies have sparked eating disorder rumors, with commenters alleging her tiny waist will cue others to stop eating or worse. Those are pretty bold statements regarding a couple of selfies that really don't look much different from her others.


Kylie originally took to Snapchat to lift her sweatshirt and show off a toned middle. Unlike her usual get-ups that involve body-hugging crop tops and bikinis, this particular look is super tame for the Lip Kit purveyor. In fact, it looks like she was having a Netflix and Chill kind of a day when the urge struck to share her mid-section with fans.

Some commenters said things like, "Bones for the dogs," and, "Too skinny, eat some lunch." Really, guys?

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Accusing someone of having an eating disorder is serious business, as it's a heartbreaking condition that affects an exorbitant number of people. It's not a term that should be thrown around lightly. Also, to infer that Kylie would set off an eating disorder storm by posting photos of her abs is kind of ridiculous. One person alone doesn't have that kind of power, not even this girl.

Some might say that Kylie sets herself up for this kind of criticism by putting her life on social media and by posting revealing photos of herself, but it shouldn't. Maybe if everyone just shut down body shaming all together, regardless of body type, we would be in a happier place.

Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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