Queen Elizabeth Gives Kate Middleton an Important New Role

Queen Elizabeth isn't afraid of relinquishing some of the control she has as the longest-reigning monarch, nor should she be, given the loyal and capable family members who surround her. Kate Middleton was just given a new role by Queen Elizabeth, and it's one that perfectly suits the sporty Duchess of Cambridge.


As she prepares to ring in her 90th year, the Queen has decided to pass on two responsibilities: She has given her role as patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to Kate, and appointed Prince Harry with the role of patron of the Rugby Football Union (yes, I find it difficult to picture the queen ever holding this position, but for all we know she could be an avid fan of the game).

Queen E. held the honor of patron of the tennis and croquet club for 64 years and was a figurehead for the rugby club for 65 years -- so we should remember it can't be easy for her to step down and pass the torch. But it's wise of her to make plans now to ensure that the duties that accompany these roles are given to members of the royal family who are best equipped to handle them.

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Kate is a natural athlete and a huge fan of tennis, as she proves every year by attending Wimbledon. The queen lucked out with a granddaughter-in-law who is already invested in British sports. And the same applies to Harry, who is so involved in rugby that he plays the game (and isn't too shabby at it, we hear), regularly makes appearances in small towns to celebrate the grand openings of rugby clubs, and even had an adorable rivalry going on with big brother Prince William when Harry supported England in the Rugby World Cup, while his sibling rooted for Wales.

But let's get back to Kate and the queen, because there's always talk that they can't seem to get along. I think Kate's new appointment proves Elizabeth trusts and respects her -- and is helping to prepare her for the day she'll assume the throne alongside William. Little by little, we're going to start seeing Kate take on more of Elizabeth's duties -- and there's no doubt she'll continue to flourish as her role evolves.


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